Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today is the day when everyone has a little Irish in them. We celebrate drinking some green beer and eating some Irish food. Corned Beef and cabbage, anyone? Okay, so we don't do that. But we could. If we ate corned beef and cabbage. But I'll take the beer, please.

Had an awesome weekend! Friday's meeting was emotional but we realize how mich Zack has grown and progressed. Next year will be amazing for him. Sam too. The teacher, principal, and staff seem wonderful. I'll miss Mrs. W., Mrs. B., and Miss Michelle immensely. But we're ready for the next road in our journey.

The crop went well. I think the DT waaaayy out did themselves this year! Huge shout out to Shan, Kel, Liz, Colleen, Monica, and Laura! Awesome job, ladies!

Saturday, we saw Horton Hears a Who with the inlaws. It was a great movie. Zack declared it "the best movie EVER!" Enough said.

Wehit Archiver's to did a bit of shopping for a certain bday girl. ;) Monica and I decided to take a clear album class at Archiver's in April. Those little albums are so intimidating and intriguing to me at the same time. I have one, Monica has one or two and neither of us have used them.

Sunday, Liz and the fam came out and we hit the bowling alley. It was fun! I think the adults could have used the bumpers as much as the kiddos. Except John. He bowled his best game ever, 176! WooHoo! You go Boy! :) After bowling we had pizza from our favorite place, Buscemi's original. It wasn't as good as it usually is though. We came back here and matched cardstock and paper for the kit.

Discussed going on a cruise this summer and the 4 of us would like to go together. We had a great visit with them. We need to do it again soon. The only thing that stinks is they live in Canada and we live in the US. When we first met it wasn't an issue traveling back and forth across the border. Now the wait seems like forever. Last August we were stuck at the border for easily an hour. I think it was more, but I don't remember. They were stopped for an hour last night. That's just hard when you're traveling with kids.

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