Monday, November 3, 2008

June was crazy busy...

So we'll give it its own post. :) For the record I like blogging so much more when I add pics. Thanks Kelly for telling me how easy it is!!

Last day of school.

For the picnic I made these.

Two days later they went in for surgery.

Zack had some complications and could only have the tubes put in but not the adenoids removed. Two days later he was in the ER getting a spinal tap to rule out meningitis. SCARIEST day ever!!

He came through like a champ!

Father's Day
You are my rock and our children are lucky to call you dad! Truely blessed.

Strawberry picking.
I took the boys strawberry picking at Blakes with my family. It was girls against the boys (plus the twins) and the girls won! Woot!!

We picked four of these and then made this!

while the little boys played in the sprinkler.

We headed to Battle Creek for the zoo and water park with John's parents, brother, sil, and Ava. Here we are hanging out in the hotel.

and our annual pic from Binder Park Zoo...

also where we came home with these two furry friends - Thanks, Grandma!

The next day was spent at Full Blast Water Park and we had a blast!! This is my favorite pic from the water park. I smile every time I see this pic of John and Zack, probably one of my favorites!

There you have it, June reviewed in pictures!

No, Sam isn't waving. he's telling me to stop!

Until next time,

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let's play catch up!

Since my last post here's what's been happening!
March 2008:

Jonathan, Sam, and Zack with sweet Ava.

Jonathan's first job!! He works at Meijer and was NOT happy that I snapped this pic of him. (he also just got a haircut! I was so happy to see the long locks GONE!!)

My 35th Birthday found us at the Ann Arbor Children's Museum. We also stopped at a famous burger place, Krazy Jim's Blimpie Burger, that we saw on Food Network's Dine Ins, Drive Ins, and Dives. The burgers were yummy!

Sam had his first alone sleepover with John's parents. We have never had alone time with Zack so we took him to play at the Bounce House.

Evidently nothing picture worthy happened in April so we'll move right along to May.

Mother's Day:

Me and my boys! I can't believe how much I love these guys!

Evidently the weather was nice pretty early on, here we are at the park.

John received a promotion at work and here we are checking out his new office! (love you, hon. so proud!)

I also spent some time volunteering at school.

We replaced the diamond earring I lost shoveling snow New Year's Day. :)

Memorial Day:

Despite the colder weather the boys had fun blowing the bubbles!

I think that's enough for now. Stay tuned for the next update!

Until then,