Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Traffic Court

Not sure if that is the technical term for going to court to fight a ticket. I wasn't fighting the ticket (speeding 10 over) just the points that go with said ticket (2). I have a great driving record and it was my first time ever being pulled over. The officer handed me the ticket and said to "go before the magistrate to have the points taken off because you have a perfect record". So I did. But gee officer perhaps when you looked up my record you could have decided to NOT give me a ticket. :) I know the economy is bad and cities are forced to cut the budgets so they need the revenue. SO I happily paid my ticket and the extra $40 fee because the points were waived. John kindly pointed out that a one time $40 fee is better than a $40 semi annually fee from increased insurance premiums. So I think the court basically blackmails you so they don't tell the insurance company!:)

Let me tell you about the people there waiting to go before the magistrate... First let me start by saying I did wear a cute sundress with a sweater to cover my shoulders (plus I get cold in AC) and bought new ballet flats because I didn't have black ones and I didn't want to wear flips or strappy sandals.
There were a few people (men and women) who dressed up compared to everyone else. Many women wore tank tops, strappy sundresses, flips. Both sexes wore jeans and tennis shoes. The guys wore baggy athletic shorts, tees, just crazy. By dressed up I do not mean formal or even business, just skirts and khakis, button down shirts, etc. Just so weird to me. John says it's the new normal. I don't know. When I was called for jury duty in April they said no tanks, jeans, halters, tennis shoes, sandals, etc. were allowed in the courtroom. Maybe different rules apply for traffic court.

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Kache said...

For a second I thought you had to go to traffic school :)

yeah, people go from super casual to suits in bankruptcy court

Liz Goldhawk said...

glad you got the points waived... it does sound like blackmail though! lol