Friday, February 22, 2008

computer illiterate...

yep, that's me. I really need to spend some time playing and familiarizing myself with this. I mean why have a blog if I don't know how to post pics and such. If there were more hours in a day or less interesting things to do I'd be all over it!

Anyway, Valentine's Day was low key. I took Ava to Marilyn's school for their Valentine Party and from there headed over to the twins' class to celebrate with them. (If I knew how to upload pics I would here.) Sam wanted to ride home with me and Zack insisted on riding the bus. It truly is always something with them. Most of the time everything works out. I beat the bus home by mere minutes and was able to get Ava in the house. I forgot how much work it is traveling with a little one. Even though she is a singleton it's still work I'm not used to. Might have something to do with my homebodiness...ya think? Anyway she was tired and hungry and so was I. never a good combination. John was picking up Chinese for dinner after work. (What a great guy, because I didn't have it in me to cook!) Marilyn came to pick up Ava and we both realized neither one of us knew how to install or uninstall the carseat base. I had to call John to hurry home and help us. The Chinese was great!

Friday started our Mid-Winter break. John took the day off to help with Ava and the twins while I packed for the crop! Laura wasn't able to come. (BOO!) Krystn, Monica, and I had a great time! The food was good, the company FANTASTIC! and the shopping was reasonable. very reasonable. I was the slowpoke and only finished one layout and started a second one that I still need to add the finishing touches to. Sometimes we like to challenge ourselves to use product or sketches... Monica's only challenge for us this time was to "Have Fun!" and we did! We also decided we need to do this more often, and I hope we do!

Saturday we took the boys bumper bowling. We had a great time! We played two games. The first game Zack was bowling amazingly, spares and one strike. Sam consistently knocked down 8 pins. The second game Sam started throwing strikes and at one point threw the ball so softly that it stopped ion the lane. Zack continued to bowl really well too. Me? I finished 1st in the first game and last the 2nd game. go figure. :)

The rest of the weekend was very low key and Monday was the last day of our Winter break and Marilyn's first day off for the week. So we haven't had the pleasure of Ava this week. And sadly, it shows. I have only cooked one night this week, and the house isn't as clean as I'd like.

Yesterday John took me to lunch at the Crazy Loon, LOVE that place! When we got back home I told him how tired I was. For the first time this school year I crawled into bed and went to sleep while the boys were at school. Jonathan came in to check on me when he came home from school. He ended up getting both boys off the bus and watched them until John came home. I still can't believe I slept for 3 hours! That will teach me to forget to drink coffee in the morning.

Today is another low key, nothing planned kind of day. Except I really do need to clean. Purple Heart is coming tomorrow morning and my sisters are coming to crop tomorrow afternoon/evening. I may even try to bake some cookies for the occassion!

Until next time,

ps. So excited to have Ava back on Monday! It's my last week to spend with her before the In-laws get back on the first!


Monica said...

we did have fun at the crop! can't wait to do it again!

Kache said...

Me too!!

Sounds like Zack and Sam bowl better than I do.

Laura Vigliarolo said...

When did you start this????? I'm soooo out of it.