Wednesday, February 13, 2008

where has the time gone?

Can't believe it's already February 13.

Let's see... we've enjoyed a few more snow days and Mid-Winter break starts Friday (thru Monday).
All 3 boys are healthy, as are John and I. I still have a lingering cough but that's it!
The snow and bitter cold are horrible this year. I can't get over how miserable it is. Lucky for me I am a homebody by nature and prefer staying in to shopping, running errands, and such. My favorite part of Winter is snuggling in a warm blanket with a hot beverage watching the snow fall. I also love the way the trees look outside our front woindow after a fresh snow.

In other happenings around here. We have a baby girl in the house!! Well, ok, she isn't our's, but she sure is a sweet gem! John's brother and sister- in- law have a 4 month old, named Ava. My mother-in -law normally watches her while her parents work. The inlaws go to Florida every February (LUCKY THEM!) so I volunteered to watch Ava! I LOVE having her! She is so sweet and good! She really helps me stay on a routine and use my time efficiently. I think John likes her being here too. Every day that she's here I make dinner. And not some thrown together meal either. We're talking homemade stuff... pork tenderloin, chicken breasts, chili, roasts, and the list goes on. The house is picked up. Laundry and dishes done. She jsut provides an overall sense of order. Another bonus for John... I'm no longer teasing him about having a little girl of our own. We can just borrow Ava. Even Jonathan likes playing with her, as much as any 17 year old is interested in entertaining a baby.

I'll be cropping with Monica, Krystn, and hopefully Laura Friday night at the Zone! We haven't cropped together in such a long time! We have such a great time chatting. and laughing. and eating! We do get a little cropping done. usually.

Hope everyone is staying warm.
Until next time,


Monica said...

I was finally able to find your blog! Maybe I need to borrow Ava. We're running out of leftovers!

Monica said...

oh and I totally had fun cropping. Let's not wait so long to do it again

Kache said...

Yes, we need to crop again soon!

Glad to hear everyone's healthy again