Friday, April 10, 2009

I can't sleep...

Thanks Shannon. I hope you are! :)

So let's purge some of the thoughts in my brain and maybe I'll get a few zzz's before John gets up. Sam came in at about 2:30 and after laying (or is it lying?) in bed for almost 2 hours I decided to blog instead of thinking about what to blog about. It's your lucky day. I've got tons to say!

Where shall we start?

Sam lost his first tooth on March 20th. Already has a new tooth coming in! Came out while snacking on some goldfish crackers! Here is where we put it for the tooth fairy to find.

We just had his IEP meeting at school in March and he has tested out of Special Ed support for First Grade! Yeah! We are so proud of him. They will keep an eye on him and he'll get intervention if he struggles and needs it. He was so excited to read to the class during March is Reading Month. He chose to read Eight Silly Monkeys.

He still loves all things SpongeBob and yellow!

Next we can talk about Zack. Who just so happened to wake up and need my help getting back to bed. It's a good thing I was already up! ;)

He has been in Speech therapy since December and has made great progress. He works so hard on his lip exercises and announciating his "s", "l", and "f" sounds. He is also realizing that he misses sounds at the end of his words and is trying to self correct. It's not perfect but it's huge! My sister talked to him on the phone and commented to me that it was the first conversation where she understood everything he was saying! :)

He and Sam were talking tonight about whether we could go for a walk. Zack said "no, because it was night." (Normally Zack doesn't pronounce the "s" sound or pronounces it like a "t".) Sam thought he was saying "nice". So he didn't understand why Zack was saying no, they couldn't go for a walk! I had to explain that Zack was saying night and not nice. And boy was that nice to explain!! Anyway, I am so proud of how hard he has worked!! The submucus cleft seems to not be a factor according to the Speech Therapist. For that we are THANKFUL and blessed!

We also had his IEP meeting at school and he will continue with speech, occupational, and physical therapy in First Grade.

Perhaps the biggest newsflash here is that we will be separating the twins in First Grade. It will be the first time in three years they will not be in the same class. We're hoping that it will help their relationship and alleviate some of the competetion.

Not as many pics of Zack this time. He still doesn't have any loose teeth...

Let's talk about Jonathan shall we? There won't be many pics of him because he doesn't let me take them! But that's just the tip of the iceberg...

9 months old! Hard to believe that he's 18 already! I can't believe the young man that he's turning out to be. Yikes! MAN! I mean that in both a good and bad way. We have had our fair share of struggles in the pst few weeks and months. He has moved in and out of the house a few times. He needs to grom up and I need to let him make his own mistakes. It doesn't matter how much I want things for him. He has to want those things for himself AND be willing to work hard for them. Right now I'm just praying that he'll pull it together and graduate with his class in May. I'm happy that he's still working at Meijer and has been for over a year now. I think a strong work ethic is important. Certainly more important than a college degree. I'm trying to be supportive of him and his choices. It's hard! I had him when I was young. I have worked so hard and sacrificed (willingly and happily!) so much to give him what every mother wants for her child. I am thankful that John is here to help support me and we are a team. When I am sad and out of control angry, he is calm and reasonable. Jonathan will have to make some difficult decisions, but so did I. We both turned out okay then. We will be okay now too.

Blogger is being funny! I'll post more later. Brain purge almost complete and John's up! Maybe now I'll get some sleep!

until next time,


psucolleen said...

What a great summary of a lot of accomplishments! I'm still stunned that Jonathan is 18. All will work out; he has good roots & a good foundation and that's an amazing start in adulthood!

WOOHOO for Sam testing out of Special Ed! That's fantastic! What a great photo op you had of him reading to the class! You can see the pride oozing from him!

And a big high 5 to Zack on his speech progress! How cool that he's self-correcting. The story of the chat they had about taking a walk is adorable... and I think it's so cute that Sam has grown a filter & mentally adjust words based upon Zack's pronunciations! What an amazing bond. Now he'll be able to adjust to Zack's wonderful progress.

I think it'll be great having them in separate classes next year; the conversations between the 2 of them and all of you tremendously!

You & John must be beaming!

shannon said...

yay a post!
sleep... what's that? i power nap!
love the tooth holder!
glad to hear the twins are doing well.
life with a teenager is never easy. glad you and john are a great team!

Carrie said...

Yeah an update!! Glad to hear all is well in the Lovell household. I think separating the twins will be good for everyone, they can each shine in their own way.

Laura Vigliarolo said...

WOW!!!!! you blogged. all will work out it always does. Sorry about the no sleep, atleast you are doing something with the extra time, me I just toss and turn.